All payments in our Pre-Sale are in cryptocurrency. We accept: BNB, BUSD-T, BUSD, USDC and CAKE.


The new Play to earn Game

Be part of this new open world MMORPG game under the ``Play to Earn`` model. Now you can have fun while making money. No more repetitive games with no playability, get everything in one with us. Receive cryptocurrencies by killing monsters, participate in various events PVE and PVP. You can also exchange great items inside the game for cryptocurrencies (without paying gas). Form clans, declare wars, find the best items for your character. All in an open world.

We Make Dreams
Come to Life

Our project aims to develop an online ``Play to Earn`` game. Here, you do not have to wait for turns nor press buttons mechanically. We do not make your gaming experience monotonous and boring nor leave players with no posibility to generate income. We listen to the user and we bring the best of both worlds: the possibility of making money while enjoying a fun game. Let us make your dreams come to life.

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